Posted on 2/4/2017by ClickPerks

How to Point and Click Your Way to Passive Income and Rewards

When you think about how much time you spend online – endlessly surfing, watching videos, shopping, are scrolling social media feeds – imagine if you were getting paid to do some of it? Here's a little secret: Some people actually are earning money for their online activities, much of which they would be doing anyway.

If might sound too good to be true, and yes, there are scammers out there (so be careful!). But there are legitimate ways you could be earning income or rewards for your favorite procrastination pastime. Here are a few:

Online shopping. If you're already enjoying the convenience of shopping in your pajamas, wait until you start reaping some rewards from it. Not only can you score great deals online, but by signing up with a rewards portal and starting your "trip" their, you can earn cash back or points that can be redeemed for prizes and gift cards (in other words, more shopping!).

Share your opinion. Forget about leaving anonymous comments on articles and trolling message boards. Polling and survey companies actually want to hear your opinion on a variety of topics, or get your take on various products and services. The best part is they are willing to pay you for it!

Watch videos. If you're already a streaming addict, you'll be pleased to know that you can get paid to be part of a test audience, whether it's a sneak peek of a new show, or short promotional videos. Your attention is valuable, so why not cash in?

Search the web. You're already surfing to look up random facts, find recipes, or read up on a topic of interest, so why not surf and earn? When you use register for a rewards program and use a particular search engine, you can accumulate points for purchases later.

Get your game on. If you're always playing online games in your spare time and making in-app purchases to power up, you could be missing out on yet another opportunity to earn. Yes, even gaming can contribute to your bottom line.

It's not procrastination or time wasted if you're earning, right? Find out how you can put your online time to work for you.

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