Posted on 12/31/2016by ClickPerks

Shopping Resolutions for the New Year

As 2017 gets under way, if you're like most people, one of your goals this year is to improve your finances and take charge of your cash flow. These New Year shopping resolutions should help you stretch your hard-earned dollars, make better purchasing decisions, and get more value out of the things you buy.

Resolve to never pay full price. Impulse shopping, whether in person or online, is a budget killer. By taking a few minutes before completing your purchase, you can save money. Use apps and websites that let you compare prices, find coupon codes, and earn cash back on your purchases, and you'll always pay less than the sticker price.

Become a negotiator. Are you taking advantage of retailer policies that can save you money? Many shoppers don't, but here are a couple to consider. First, find out if stores match competitor prices. Just asking can score you 10% off or more. Second, if you ever buy something and find out that the price dropped right after, go back or email customer service to request that they honor the new, lower price. If you get in touch quickly, many times you'll get a credit for the difference.

Get social.In addition to the apps and websites mentioned above, try to follow your favorite retailers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Oftentimes, they'll run special sales or offer coupon codes that are exclusive for their loyal social media followers.

Stay in grocery mode. Just as you make a list and look over circulars when you buy food, you can do the same before an online shopping marathon or mall trip. Making a list helps you buy what you actually need, and not get sidetracked by other items you discover along the way. For instance, if you know you need a new bathing suit and your spouse needs a tie, you can do targeted searches for those things (and find the best deals) versus browsing and adding things to your cart that you don't really need.

Press pause before you pay. When checking out online, let items sit in your cart for a bit before you finish up. Sometimes the very act of waiting will help you realize that you're spending more than you should, and you can remove items accordingly.

By becoming a more mindful shopper in 2017, you can save money, and stop feeling remorse for the things that are sitting in your closet.

What are your 2017 shopping resolutions?